Switching to Colemak Part 2

Three days in and I'm using the full home row.

I just graduated to Lesson 4 in KTouch so now I'm using all the keys on the home row in lessons. Typing speed in general is improving too. Today I didn't look at the new layout once and was able to visualise the location of most of the keys in my mind. It feels like I'm making real progress.

Things that still catch me:

  • The colon ':' key
  • Emacs key bindings like 'ESC-F' (move forward one word) now switches the preceding 2 words
  • The 'S' key having moved one to the right, and therefore
  • CTRL-D to logout of a shell now sends an XOFF
  • 'hjkl' locations. Not that I use them for movement, but their order still gets me
  • Yanking, deleting and pasting in vim
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